Monday, February 23, 2009


Running slowly never catching up
Feet fall in quicksand ever so abrupt

You try to pull out
The sand keeps you down
You can’t get out of this sinking ground

Hold onto that branch
As if it’s your only chance

That lifeline you hold
Breaks more easily than you know

It can’t save your soul
It can’t say it’s a hole
It can’t be so bold
As to rescue you from this mold

Moving a little faster
Sinking even further

Arm stretched out
Reaching for another
You realize it will never
Be the same again

Sink a little deeper
This sand is getting thicker
No, it won’t let you slip

It’s pulling you down
Holding you close
Waiting for you to call it quits

Don’t ever give in
For soon you’ll know
That this is merely fantasy

Wide-awake now
You’re released from the pit
A rush of relief you’d never admit

The sand that once held your life
Wasn’t as strong as you’d assumed
It never existed it was only a wound

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