Monday, June 15, 2009


On an Autumn's day, a 16 year old girl sits in her room, windows open with the crisp breeze flowing through. Sitting on her floor she flips through the latest Teen Vogue, on the front cover is a picture of a petite model. Flipping through each page, plastered with different slim models. She then gets to a section about, '10 ways to lose weight fast.' Seeing this makes her think of the past pages she had just glanced over, what if she could look like them? She stands up, peers into the mirror and sees a short and curvaceous reflection. She is not overweight and yet she now sees herself as less than ideal. She continues to compare herself to the girls in the magazine. With every picture it becomes more and more apparent that she is not this magazine's image of perfection. She finds herself comparing her body to every one of the girls she sees, not only in magazines but those on the street. The comparison consumes her, stealing her joy. She has become incomplete, and unhappy. The type of beauty shown in these magazines are not real. This Photoshop type of beauty is not a reality, not even for those models. Life is not meant for comparison, life is meant for individualism. Stop letting comparison steal your joy.

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