Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A New Day.

Lately I've been feeling very selfish and apathetic. Then I realized how it would be so easy to change this mind set and use it for something good.

In this life we are meant to encourage each other and show the love of God to every person whether we are intentionally talking about it or not. Life was meant to be full of relationships and loving one another with a sense of peace rather than conflict.

I want to be a better person.
This does not mean I want to try and save the rain forest, although it is a good cause.
It just means that I want to take this life I have been given and share it with others. I want to take time each day to become more aware of those around me. I need to love.

I have a lot of passion that I have not yet found an effective way to focus it all in one place.
This is it.

Love God and Love People.

It is what I want to put my passion into.
Living for God and people.

I challenge you.
Give a compliment to at least one person a day.
See how it makes you feel.

Love Wins.

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