Monday, April 27, 2009


I absolutely forgot about this little blog guy.

Life since February.
2.Quit Cracker Barrell
3.Skipped a lot of class
4.Kicked a lot of ass ;]

Things have been pretty fun and yet quite content and boring.
I'm so ready for school to be over, I need a change of scenery.
I really miss my family and friends at home.
However I love it here and am afraid of what the summer will do to my new friendships.

Lately I have been questioning life a lot.
Not that i don't believe in God, in ways I believe in Him even more.
Sometimes it is just so hard to live in this "Christian" community with all of the judgment and hypocrisy, myself included.
I'm not "allowed" to do things that I was able to do in high school, I mean seriously? I'm 19 years old and yet I am stuck in this atmosphere that stunts my creativity and growth because it may seem too "immoral." Who decided what immoral really was and who the hell gave them the right to do so? I feel like I am an adult being held in a play pen and told to 'play nice'! I'm so over it. I am ready and waiting for the day to live on my own and get rid of these rules that "superiors" have placed over me.

Give me a break.

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